Saturday, 22 March 2014

Journey back

At this time I am together with Dilawar waiting in london Heathrow for our flight back to Belfast.  I feel very tired, we woke up at 3 am and we could not get much sleep on the plane.

After 3 hours our boarding will start. I cant wait to be in bed and sleep for a year.

I want to thank you all for following my journey to Pakistan.


Yesterday was thmemorial of Dilawar's dad. All the men in the family went togheter to the mosque for praying.  When they came back they brought a mullah (priest) to reciting the quran. All the woman where in the living room listening to the reciting.  After the reciting the mullah went back to the mosque and we eated all together. 

This is how the memorial ended.

On the same day we went to the little village house to dine all together.
We stayed there till 12 pm.
When we came home, me and dilawar started packing for our flight back and went to bed.

P.S I enjoyed the family of Dilawar and
will miss them a lot.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

20/03/2014 in Pakistan

Today we rested of our journey to Lahore.
We went shopping for gifts for my family, sadly I did not find anything.
My planning is to go tomorrow morning again to another city to get the gifts and return soon as possible home. Tomorrow will be the 4th year remembrance of Dilawars dad. It will be a hard day for the family I have to support them tomorrow.

So today I will not write much of my day because of the fact that we just went hunting for gifts.

19/03/2014 in Pakistan

The first thing we did when we reached Lahore is we went to an orphan institute.
Here we gave the kids stuffed teddy bears. When we entered into the hall where the kids where they greeted us with a small song and sat in a circle. One by one very shyly they come to get one teddy bear.
I am happy that me and Dilawar donated the stuffed teddy bears in Pakistan. These kids don't even have pencils or uniforms. Dilawar and me have seen what the kids need in this institution and will try to fulfil their needs by giving them pencils, colouring books, school bags and maybe try to find any sponsor for uniforms.
If any of you have colouring books or pencils you don't use and would like to donate this to the orphan institute in Lahore then contact me on Thank you.

After we visited the institution we went to see the walled city Lahore.
We went trough a gate to see the old city.
The first thing we noticed when we entered is the big garden and the big gate that leads to the mosque.
The name of this mosque is Badshahi Masjid. The mosque was build in 1673 by the Mughal emperor.
I have never seen such a huge mosque, it has beauty and grace.
When we took our shoes off we went in the mosque and it provides such beautiful views over Lahore over viewing the Minar-E.

After viewing the mosque we went to see the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors).
The palace gained its name because of the Favourite hall of the kings, this hall is made of white marble and decorated in mirror work of the finest quality.  This palace has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. The palace is build in 1631-1632.

Its a very beautiful palace I mostly liked to see that they already did water engineering in the 16th century.
In the palace there where holes underneath the palace where the water comes out and leads to a fountain.
It is a beautiful experience to see the palace.

after our trip to Lahore we went to eat.
I have bought one sandwich, here the sandwiches are double deckers (two sandwiches on top of each other).
I did like the sandwich and we eat halwa (Pakistani sweet).

When we come home we where so tired we went straight to bed to sleep.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

18/03/2014 in Pakistan

Dilawar has showed me Head Marala, this is a long river which the water originates from India.
In year 1968 Pakistan has build large dams to control the floods.
The most enjoyable thing here was taking a boat journey on the river.

After our boat journey we went to relax in one small park and enjoy the view of the river.
We stayed here for twenty minutes then we went to the field that belong to Dilawar's family.
I don't know how much hectare the field is, the only thing I know its the same size of a football field.
Dilawar has showed me that they grow weed and corn this period, the next period they will grow watermelon and mango's. And like thus they change it every period different crops.
I could see that the previous crops where potatoes because there where some left over potatoes on the ground. I did enjoy walking in the fields it was a very nice experience.

On our way back to home Dilawar bought coconut from a man that sells coconuts on the road.
I have never eaten fresh coconuts like this before. I did like it even if chewing was hard.
Tomorrow we are going to Lahore and will giving teddy bears to orphan kids.

Monday, 17 March 2014

17/03/2014 in Pakistan

On Monday we came to pick up the bride and Dilawars brother from the brides house.
As usual we have been greeted by the family with two drops of oil on the entry door and raining rose pedals.
We have been given lunch and dessert. After eating we talked with other people from the family to know them better. Today my hay fever was a real bother, my nose was blocked and I used so many tissues that you can create the tower of Pisa with it.When we come home me and Dilawar went for a walk in the village, he showed me how people milk the cows and explained me what field has what  crops growing.
It was interesting to see how unions look as crops. When we came home we relaxed with the family and the bride. The sister of Dilawar gave me 3 new suits which they will give to the tailor tomorrow so he can make the suits in my size. I can't wait till tomorrow, Dilawar will give me a sight seeing tour of the city Sialkot.
I will make pictures for you so you can enjoy the tour as well.

16/03/2014 in Pakistan

Today was a joint celebration of marraige of me and Dilawar and the new couple.

After setting my hair and make- up we went today to the same hall like we went yesterday.
There they greated us again with rose pedals ( I enjoy when they trow roses on me).
Here me and Dilawar sat togheter next to the new couple on a big sofa aswell infront of the hall.
After that our pictures hase been taken we haven been blessed by our marriage from the family and
have recieved money. After all the camara's, blessings and greating people we have been given food.
They gave us fried chicken, rice, keema, salad, curry with beef and khir.

I especialy liked the khir, it was very creamy and sweet. After food we came home but not togheter with the new couple.
They went to the bride house (village house).
I was verry happy to be at rest after all the venue's. At home I had conversasions with
diffrent people in the family to know them better.

I am very happy to be part of Dilawars family they are very loving and caring.